Hardy Seeds for Hardy Souls. 

committed to the stewardship of unique, resilient seeds suited to farmers and gardeners.


Producing nutrient dense food for all members of our community

Our Vision

We grow seed that is regionally adapted to the extreme conditions of the high altitude desert regions. We're pretty sure if it will grow here, it will pretty much grow anywhere! 

Dedicated to varieties that are

  • Regionally Resilient – “Seed with a sense of place!”
  • Biologically Diverse
  • Early maturing, nutritionally robust, unique, drought tolerant, and easily adaptable varieties
  • Open pollinated, Non - GMO, and open source
  • Varieties that are just plain fun and tasty! 

We are also working to breed varieties that meet the criteria above. 

Where Our Seed is Grown 

All seeds are grown in the Southwestern part of Colorado and primarily on our own farm in the Uncompaghre valley. We collaborate with a few dedicated growers.  If we did not grow it we will let you know who did! 

Seed Collaborators

Images from Our Gardens...