Our Food + Other Products 

In addition to our seeds we provide a wide range of vegetables, herbs, and grains direct to you. You can find us at farmers markets and restaurants in Southwest Colorado. We also are a source for potting mix, start soil for gardeners and farmers. 

One of our nutritious salad mixes.

One of our nutritious salad mixes.


We sell a range of vegetables to farmers markets and restaurants. We specialize in high quality green mixes and unique varieties that are of high culinary value. In other words they taste great! 


Find us at  :

  • Montrose Farmers Market 
  • Ridgway Farmers Market
  • Telluride Farmers Market


Truck bed filled  with starts for the farmers market.

Truck bed filled  with starts for the farmers market.

Plant starts and start Soil

We provide vegetable, herb, and flowers starts for gardeners and farmers in the spring.

 In addition to starts we provide soil to give your seeds a strong beginning.

Our start soil comes from Paonia Soils.  See their products page for more information and contact us to place an order for starts and/or  soil. 

Painted Mountain Cornmeal

Painted Mountain Cornmeal

Fresh ground cornmeal 

We grow the beautiful multi-colored aptly called Painted Mountain Corn. It is a variety of corn that meets many of our standards: it is highly adaptable, genetically diverse, nutritious, and tasty.

It is adapted to short season climates and has been receiving rave reviews from our farmers market customers and local bakers. 

We love our bakers! 

  • Blue Grouse Bread
  • The Bin Baker
  • The Vine Market and Bistro