The Martin Seed Collection

Our first seed list in memory of Joyce Martin, avid seed saver, collector and lover of nature. Thank you to the Martin family for giving us our start through the gift of seeds.

Beans - Dry/Shelling

Aunt Ida’s Romano

Phaseolus vulgarus

This pole bean is a great shelly and soup bean. A Martin Family favorite for flavor and productivity. Best picked when seeds are starting to show, but not too big. It made its way from Italy to Colorado around the turn of the 20th century, with the Botanelli Family. Delicioso!

European Soldier Bean

Phaseolus vulgarus

Great soup and baked bean. Long, white bean, with red 'toy soldier' markings at the 'eye'.

Golden Nectar Bean

Phaseolus vulgarus

A productive yellow pole bean with long pods that are semi flat. Has a good crunch and an excellent sweet beany flavor. Sourced from Adaptive Seed and Seed Ambassadors Project.

Golden Romano

Phaseolus vulgarus

Another productive yellow romano style bean. More flavorful than the bush wax beans we have grown. Pole bean easy to harvest but requires trellising. The Martin Collection. Tell us which one you like best!

Trebano Romano


Pole bean. Productive romano style bean. Dried beans white and creamy when cooked. Reportedly great for cassoulet. Martin Collection.


Jaune Du Doubs

Dracus Carota

French heirloom carrot with rich lemon-yellow color. It is great in mixed bunches. Gets a deliciously sweet honey flavor when roasted. Does well in clay soils, producing 6-7” long roots. Available in bulk.


Dracus Carota

Rare North African heirloom. Has blocky orange roots that produce long roots even in clay soils. Crunchy crisp texture that holds up well in storage and at market. Grown by Molly Moore in Paonia, CO.


African Daisy - Zulu and Orange Prince

Venidium fastuosum

Festive Skirt of orange and white petals. Creates 2' mounds of blossoms throughout the season and the beginning of fall. Drought tolerant native of Namibia and South Africa.

Calendula Mix

Calendula officinalis

Mix of colors from red backed, pinks to oranges. A joy to have in the garden.

Cosmos - Small Baby Pinks

Cosmos bipinnatus

3-4’ tall bush of delicate pink white blossoms.

Family Garden Cosmos


This mix of white, dark pink and maroon flowers have been a constant in our family garden. Hope you enjoy them too.

Jasmine Scented Nicotiana

Nicotiana alata

Makes early morning and evening harvesting a joy! Releases a sweet sent from it’s delicate white trumpets with star shaped petals. Self sows. Annual.


Snapdragon - Dark Red

Antirrhinum majus

Most likely a relative of black prince. Has dark leaves and beautiful crimson blossoms tinged with bronze.

Snapdragon - Sunset Mix

Antirrhinum majus

Yes, these snapdragons look like the many beautiful sunsets we see here is western Colorado. Bronzy oranges to pinks and reds.

Sweet Alyssum

Lobularia maritima

Sprawling mound covered with clusters of small white flowers producing a sweet honey sent. Essential garden flower to support beneficial insect habitat. Make your lacewings, parasitic wasps, syrphid flies, and tachnid flies happy. Readily reseeds. Good container grown. Grown by Cirlce A Gardens.

Tashkent Marigold

Tagetes patula

Our absolute favorite marigold for ends of beds and boarders. Creates beautiful mounds of deep red velvety blossoms with yellow centers. Found outside an old Muslim school in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.


High Desert Quinoa

Chenopodium quinoa

From a genetic mix of different quinoas that we have been selecting for three years. On an average year produces waist height plants. Smaller sized plants reduces lodging and they are quite productive. Young leaves are delicious added to salad greens. Good green for warm season production.

Burgundy Amaranth

amaranthus hypochondriacus

Grown for its white seeds and beautiful leaves. Tall plants with burgundy leaves, stems and plums. Young leaves are a beautiful addition to salads. Grain is rice like, gluten free and a complete protein. Important food of the Aztecs.


Going to seed

Going to seed

Orach – Red n’ Green

Atriplex hortensis

Thank you Green Place Ranch for introducing us to this new variety. Leaves have a magenta - green sheen. Wonderful warm season green and addition to salads. Originally from Taos Seed Bank.

Orach - Ruby Mnt. Spinach


Tender dark purple leaves. Three times more vitamin C than spinach. Can be grown through warm season.

Burgundy Amaranth


Grown for its white seeds and beautiful leaves. Tall plants with burgundy leaves, stems and plums. Young leaves are a beautiful addition to salads. Grain is rice like, gluten free and a complete protein. Important food of the Aztecs.

Blue Mustard

Brassica juncea

Great mustard for salad greens and bunching. Mild spiced mustard with a unique purple tinged leaf margin. 30 daysfor baby and leaf; 45-50 days for bunching. Circle A Gardens.

High Desert Quinoa


From a genetic mix of different quinoas that we have been selecting for three years. On an average year produces waist height plants. Smaller sized plants reduces lodging and they are quite productive. Young leaves are delicious added to salad greens. Good green for warm season production.

Lettuce - Cimmaron

Lactuca sativa

Cos/Romaine. Deep red leaf with yellow-bronze center. Hardy for cold and heat.

Lettuce - Galisse

Lactuca sativa

Our favorite for 2016! Produces dense heads of sweet tender frilly light green leaves. Easy addition to salads. Butterhead.

Lettuce - Tom Thumb

latin name here

Miniature butterhead, 3”-4” across. Small rosettes of light green tender leaves. Heirloom from 1850s. Great for containers.


Basil – Purple Petra

Ocimum basilicum

Rich glossy dark purple leaves. Sweet and slightly anise flavor. Makes a great flavored vinegar.

Basil – Sweet Mix

Ocimum basilicum

Mix of about 5 different sweet basil varieties. You can select out the one that does best for you!

Basil - Thai Hairy Lemon


Small leaved, lemon tasting basil variety. Is delicious in tea or added to water during the heat of summer.

Cilantro - Rak Tamachat

Coriandrum sativum

Mild cilantro variety with big leaves. We loved this variety. It came to us from Adaptive Seeds, OR. They found it in the kitchen garden of the Rak Tamachat Permaculture and Natural Building Center in Thailand in 2014.

Cilantro – Santo

Coriandrum sativum

Slow bolt, great leaf production. Quick to regrow after harvest

Dill, Garden Variety

Anethum graveolens

Multipurpose. Leaves used as herb early in season. Flowers attract beneficial insects and are good edible flowers. Seed is an essential for dill pickles! From Circle A Gardens.

Lavender, Munstead

Lavandula angustifolia

Hardy English variety hardy in zones 5-8. Mulch can survive in zone 4. Blue purple to violet color. Usually begins to flower in second year.

Toothache Plant –Spilanthes

Acmella oleracea

Small plants with yellow and red coned flowers. Has a numbing effect when leaves or flowers are chewed. Known to fortify the immune system.

Greek Mullein

Verbascum olympicum

Biennial species. Flowers uniformly making it easier to harvest. Produces a tall eye catching spike of yellow flowers. Best species of Mullein for Flower production. Attracts bees and beneficial insects. Used medicinally. Grown at Circle A Gardens.


Leonurus cardiaca

Perennial from mint family. This plant will bring a hum to the garden, attracting bees from miles around. Medicinal properties. Caution: self sows.



Little Marvel

Pisum sativa

Bush, English shelling pea. Very productive with compact plants. Best harvested early. Good for pea tendril production.

Magnolia Blossom Snap

Pisum sativa

Would grow these just for their beauty, but they are also highly productive and tasty. Produces 8’ tall plant with light green pods. Bred by Alan Kapuler of Peace Seeds.

Golden Sweet Snow


Heirloom. Yellow- green pods that are best picked young 2-3”. 6’ tall plant with beautiful blooms.


Hungarian Wax Pepper

Capsicum annuum

Long yellow peppers. Can be harvested from yellow to red stages. Medium heat. Good for canning and pickling. Early to mature.

Kevin's Early Orange

Capsicum annuum

An early blocky orange bell pepper. Produces medium sized fruits. Good crunch.


Capsicum annuum

Heirloom Italian frying pepper. Plants have abundant 2-3 " long red fruit. First to mature for us outdoors. Sweet rich flavor great roasted or used in salads.

Jimmy Nardello

Capsicum annuum

A farm favorite for its amazing sweet – rich flavor. Long, thin, red Italian frying peppers.

Koszorú Paprika

Capsicum annuum

We have not been able to uncover much about this pepper. In Hungarian it translates to wreath. From what we can gather it is used to make ornamental wreaths and a spicy flavorful powder. Covered in thin 3-4” long crimson fruit.

Thai Dragon

Capsicum annuum

1-3” long red peppers. Very hot. Produces up to 200 fruit in one season.

Explosive Ember

Capsicum annuum

Covered with 1” long fruit that are purple, turning red as they mature. These plants just plain made us happy! Plants are very ornamental with purple leaves and blossoms.

Winter Squash

Dryland Pueblo Hubbard

Cucurbita maxima

We are honored to offer this drought tolerant variety, grown for centuries in the high desert pueblo communities of Northern NM and Southern CO. Produces long storing fruit with minimal irrigation. Dry farmed. Small (3#) to large 12-15# fruit depending on climate and spacing. Thick orange flesh, with a rich savory flavor that does not dry out when cooked. Large seeds. Thin yet hardy skin. A true OP winter squash that shows colors from blue, pink, white, and striped with some turbans. 100 day - full season. Plant seed after threat of frost. Grown by Mountain Roots Produce, LLC. Mancos, CO



Peche Jaune

Solanum lycopersicum

These look like small peaches complete with peach fuzz. This unique tomato produces loads of yellow round 3” sweet tasting fruits. Indet.

Pomodoro Pizzutello Di Paceco


Grown for over a century in Paceco Italy. Traditionally grown under drought conditions in clay soils. It is very productive in those conditions producing round red meaty fruit. Great for sauce. Slow Food Ark of Taste. Thank you Farm Runners for introducing us to this gem! Indeterminate.

Gardeners Sweet Heart


Our favorite Cherry tomato of 2015. ‘Cause it’s soooo darn cute!’ Ripens on the vine producing sweet, heart shaped, bright red fruits. Sweet tomato flavor and great texture when left to ripen completely on the vine.

Cien Fuerte


These are hard to stop eating. Small 3/4” bright red fruit. Bursts with flavor, sweetness and tang in your mouth just like a cherry tomato should!


Turnip - Purple Top White Globe

Brassica rapa

Produces large round turnips with dark purple shoulders. Good for winter cover crop and for winter storage. Good tasting turnip.

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